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 Our PASSOVER PRICE LIST FOR  2016  is now ready. Please download from the ORDER section of the site. First file is our GROCERY list & next 2 are our MEAT & POULTRY lists. FIRST DAIRY ORDER arrives about Wednesday or Thursday March 30th or 31st.  about noon.

Kosher Food Warehouse features a wide selection of grain fed poultry, beef, lamb and veal. All meat and poultry products are federally inspected and HACCP approved. Our products all meet the highest standards of Kashruth and our operation is supervised by The Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia.

We carry an extensive line of cheese, salads and groceries and feature the largest selection of Passover Products in British Columbia.

Dedicated to providing BC and Western Canada with the highest standards of quality and Kashruth at the lowest possible prices.

 Please see our CATERING section for Tourist meals, take out foods, CATERING for ALL Occasions etc.


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